Tarotble (pronounced "terrible"), AI-Generated Tarot Cards

Aubrey Thompson · July 10, 2022

To supplement what I’ve been learning in Tech Elevator for the past couple months, I participated in my first hackathon.

It was put on by The Sound of AI and called for projects experimenting with the intersection of music and deep learning. My partner and I were inspired by a hobby I recently picked up, tarot card reading. We thought about how the lyrics of a song can inspire one to reflect in the same way a tarot card and its interpretation would. We built a web app that finds the lyrics of a song of your choice, and uses an AI model to generate tarot-like text based on those lyrics. My brain can’t resist a pun, though I didn’t yet realize how apt it would be to describe the gibberish our model often spits out. Nevertheless, I’m proud of what we threw together in a few hours. Try it out here!